Doomsday Wonderland

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Synopsis :

“I think… my boyfriend is trying to kill me,” Lin Sanjiu muttered.

As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend of hers, she could not help but tremble all over.

At the present, someone close to her had personally raised the curtains to an apocalyptic hell, and slowly, it was creeping up to her.


What if earth devolved into a apocalyptic hellhole? What if you found out you not only have to survive just one apocalyptic event but have to struggle through multiple worlds with different end-world scenarios? And you get to meet more superpowered crazies than you can imagine!

Presenting the worst nightmare that your weird doomsday prepper neighbour with a bunker full of canned beans could have, Doomsday Wonderland is a novel filled with subverted tropes, non-OP characters and a female friendly label which offends all politically correct fanatics.

As ‘lucky’ humans evolved to posthumans with abilities to adapt to the New World or mutate into disgusting duoluozhongs to survive, follow Lin Sanjiu as she struggle through the multiple challenges to just live one more day… and make sense of this New World that will no longer be the same.

P/s : This novel is one of the best novel that i had read. The plot of the story is really amazing as there a lot if twist and turn. Though, when reading the first few chapters it may look boring, when you read through the chapters you will find how amazing the novel is.

The main protagonist of this novel is a woman, who after being together with her boyfriend for a few months discovered that she had developed an instict that tell her that the boyfriend is actually up to no good. As for the said boyfriend, he is actually a person from another world who did his best to “raise” her so that he can “eat” her. After the confrontation with the boyfriend in the middle of the night, changes start to occur in the world that she lived in as soon, she discovered that the world she lived in as one of the world where strange occurance may occur and the survivors of the first day of the strange phenomenon in the world will developed unique ability that may help them survived the upcoming 14 months in the world before automatically being transfered to another world.

For those who did not survived the day, they will be awaken as supernatural monster who feed on humans for them to survive. The survivors must defend with all their might against the monsters.

The main protagonist wheel of destiny start to change after she met with fellow otherworldly people who transported to her world after surviving for 14 months in their previous world. From then on she soon start to learn the truth about the world she lived in and about the secret of supernatural humans in the world.

Do try it out 😉


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