Female Warrior

Synopsis :

If you could return to the day you met, what would the two of you do?

“Ah! Fate is unfathomable like that. Never would anyone be able to guess that such an ordinary encounter could lead to such an extraordinary future. Although our encounter that day contributed to a resplendent future, I sometimes find myself reminiscing about ordinary days. If time could be rewound, would I choose to step foot into that tavern where we met… Ah, no! Even if that tavern had not existed, we would definitely have met anyway, because our encounter was indispensable fate!”
– Bard

“With my blade, I’ll cut the tavern, destiny, and this bastard in half all at the same time.”
– Red Cloak

Note : Female Warrior details the establishment of the 1st generation of the Twelve Holy Knights from The Legend of Sun Knight which is about the 38th generation of Holy Knights. The main character of Female Warrior is a Warrior Queen who lead an army against demons early on.Besides, before, together with her former companions the knight, the bard and her little sister the cleric, they battle for justice. Years passed, and the kingdom is finally at peace, the the Knight who then become the Holy King united the whole kingdom and become the ruler worships by others. The Knight who has become the Holy King then married the Female Warrior who then got a title as Warrior Queen. One day, when the female warrior is summoned to lead the army to defend the border against demons, embarked on journey. During harsh battle everyday, one day, she received news that the Holy King will married his second wife, her cleric little sister who become Holy Queen. Even so, she does not feel dejected at all as her main concerned was how to safely defeat the enemies and defend the border. She then, succeed, and thus become more well known as Warrior Queen. Thinking that there will be no more war later on, she decided to leave the capital and do not want to come in between the Holy King and Queen. Therefore, from henceforth, her journey and destenied encounter with people who then accompanied her and the party will later known as The Twelve Holy Knights began. Do read both novel, Female Warrior and The Sun Knight as they are both good and funny to read.Furthermore, there is also the ongoing third season about the 39th generation of Twelve Holy Knights. Do check out the author’s other novels too as they are all good.


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