Rice Pot Next Door

“Yo, Rice Pot next door. You ate so much of my rice, how are you going to repay me?”

“Money? I do not want money. I want you.”

[Rice Pot/Container/Bucket]: – refers to a person who eats a lot (of rice).  Sometimes, the term may take on a negative connotation when used to describe a person is only capable of eating and not anything else.

Notes : This novel is heartwarming and enjoyable. It is a funny story about a car seller woman who always like to come and eat meals and dinner at her neighbour’s place. In the first place, she mistakes the guy as a gay and thus, she is easy-going around him and always joke around. The guy is a genius proffessor and hacker. Besides, he is also good at cooking and always willingly cook for the female lead. I like the male lead and his family relationships, as they are all quite unique and open towards the female lead. This novel is a good read to past time. Last but not least, the guy alsi has a pet cat that always been made fun off by them. Do check it out, to all  c-novel lovers. ^_^


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