The Lazy Swordmaster

This is the story about a Man who had defeated the Demon Lord. He is tired of struggling, got many expectations from others as a hero, losing countless companions. After he died, he reincarnated as a third son of a noble family of swordsmanship. Yet he just doesn’t wanna hold the sword never once in his 18 years of life, yap because he is indeed lazy. His daily routine is sleep, eat, read a book and take a nap. So the people call him Lazy-Sword. However, even though he never hold or practice swirdmanship, he still retains his memory and skills of his past life. One, day a certain incident made him hold sword for the first time in this new life of his. As he said, “Never wake the sleeping lion”, as when he start to make his move nobody can escape his grasp. Just dont annoy him, thats what he warns his enemy. Do check it out, it really is a good read.


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