Rokka no Yuusha

Six people called Braves of the Six Flowers are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to defeat the Demon God . However, when they gather, there are seven heroes present, leading them to believe that one is an impostor and on the side of the Demon God. The main protagonist of the story is Adlet Mayer. He is the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world. He fights using tools and trickery to catch his opponent off-guard. He has strong feelings for Flamie and will do anything to protect her from the others. Teguneu appeared at his village when he was a child and destroyed it while capturing all the villagers except Adlet. His reason for wanting to become a Brave is revenge. Since he could not become a Saint (only women can become Saints) he went and found Altro, a hermit adept in various fighting styles and in science. He trained under him along with Rolonia where they became friends.


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