Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi is about, Kokonotsu, the main protagonist and his father Yō live in a countryside town where they run a small sweets store. He aspires to be a manga artist, an ambition that puts him at odds with his father who wants him to inherit the store which has been run by the family for eight generations. He constantly finds himself manning the cash register, more often than not a result of his father’s trickery. After Hotaru’s arrival, he also has to put up with her antics as well. Hotaru is an eccentric girl who is very passionate about sweets and snacks. Her father owns a famous snacks company and she came to Shikada store to recruit Yō. As Yō will not leave as long as Kokonotsu is unwilling to succeed him as Shikada storekeeper, she quickly strikes a deal with him: she will convince Kokonotsu to take over the store in return for his employment. From then on she tries to persuade Kokonotsu using many different ways such as games, stories, and riddles.

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