Black Haze

After a mission gone awry, the doubtful main character, Rood, is sent to a famous magic school, Helios. Here, he must protect an important person’s son who has a very bad time at the school.

Author’s words: This is known as korean webtoon. This story revolve around the main character with secret identity. His original appearance is that like a young boy, however, when he transform, he become a handsome and  strong young man. This story is kinda boring in the first few chapters but it will get interesting as you move on. All you need is patience while reading. All the characters are interesting and somehow gotten tangled with the main character whether intended or not with the and play an important role in the story. The story has a lot of mysteries in it and have an unexpected turn of events. I like this webtoon, but I don’t know about others opinion. Well, if interested, you can try to read it at mangafox.


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